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Bal Érotique XII – MANOIR

A brand new concept taking over the St-James Theatre, transforming the iconic venue into an evolving sensual playground. Montreal’s very first peep show mansion, where you will be transported into a series of different rooms with different themes, each conveying different experiences to provoke the exhibitionist OR voyeur in you…

Saturday August 26 2017 / Doors 8pm

Théâtre St-James

265 St Jacques St. Montreal, QC

For this special night, sexy playfulness will be of the essence where you will become a prominent character in the making of an absolutely mindblowing experience! The erotic theatre party will then climax in the Bal Érotique ballroom where sex appeal and music will take over…

The journey begins at 8 PM during a special cocktail hour that will take place inside a sweet & savoury lounge for a multisensorial preliminary until 11 O’clock.

The lounge will be composed of 4 different rooms where you will be led and entertained by a special mistress, to get familiarised with the program of the evening and acquainted with the other members of our exclusive event. Here, delicious treats will be served by live erotic centrepieces. And IF YOUR LUCKY, YOU LL GET A GLIMPSE INSIDE THE VINTAGE EROTIC MOVIE THEATRE!

Moving forward, the night will then unfold into the main ballroom of the St-James Theatre, split up into another 4 different rooms. Here, the main stage of our featured acts, the DJ, the dance floor, the VIP BOOTHS and the BAR will take place.

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BAL ÉROTIQUE XII – MANOIR WELCOMES BOTH SINGLES & COUPLES! Every room has a set of playful characters that you can interact with, for an immersive party night of play and dance! Wait no more and reserve your tickets NOW.

Bal Érotique…

Our event has become synonymous with captivating and sexy theatrical entertainment. Like entering a world of fantasy or film. A place that dares you to explore the erotic aspect of your life, in the company of beautiful, fun, like-minded people. For exceptional people: nonconformists and liberated souls who dare spiritual and sexual empowerment.

Designed with the absolute best in music, visuals, opulent decor and performances that Montreal has to offer. You can expect to witness performances by some of the best or newest talents in the world of sensuality or eroticism.

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